Your Guide to What's On in Penrith

20th April 2019

Medieval Fun Day

Time: 11am to 3pm
Entry: Free to All
Location: Bandstand
Categories: Entertainment, Family

Moneyer –

Come see the 15th century Moneyer! How much would your currency be worth during the height of the wars of the roses? Wish to try your hand at striking a coin to take home with you for a pound?

Barber Surgeon-

Witness a bizarre yet gruesome trade of a man who not only provided haircuts but also amputations!

See the assortment of tools used for amputation, dentistry and more... not one for the faint of heart!

Knight School-

Bring the young ‘uns along to try their hand at medieval fighting techniques!

Can they keep a tight formation or will they scatter and flee? Find out as they test their mettle with wooden billhooks and spears!

Combat Demonstrations-

Witness swordplay and other weapons and how they were used at the height of armour technology in an age where gunpowder is being used all across Europe. From daggers, swords and clubs to padded jackets, helmets and armour!


(It also goes without saying that our fighters are available for photo opportunities with folks too!)

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