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Eden Eye Care

At Eden Eyecare we believe in providing you with the most comprehensive level of eye examination using state of the art technology.

Our enhanced Eye Examination includes a thorough screening of the retina, vital to verify your eyes are healthy. In order to achieve this level of testing our enhanced Eye Test utilises the most up-to-date imaging techniques usually found in hospital eye departments.

We use cutting edge diagnostics, treatments and solutions to ensure the best for your eye health and help you feel confident, look great, and see better for longer.

Services available:

  • Enhanced eye examinations
  • Dry eye specialist clinic with Mr I Macnish IP Dry eye specialist
  • IPL dry eye treatment therapy 

A unique styling service focuses on not only what fits or suits your face shape, but also what suits your lifestyle, prescription, coloration, career and more, to help you to find frames that can compliment and enhance your best feature

Eye Examinations
•    Nidek Retina Scan Duo OCT on everyone 18 yrs & above included in the eye examination.
•    Fundus Photography on everyone 4yrs & above.
•    Fundus Autofluroscence
•    Corneal Topographer
•    Corneal pachymetry
•    Oculus visual fields Screening
•    Digital Goldman Applanation Tonometry & Non Contact Tonometry
•    Ishihara Colour Vision Assessment
•    Fundus Dilation with Volk Lens analysis for flashing lights & floaters
•    Private or NHS referrals for cataract surgery

Contact Lens Services
•    Ortho K
•    Gas Permeable Lens fitting including Toric/Multifocal
•    Scleral Contact Lens Fitting including for astigmatism/Multifocals
We also fit lenses for Dry eye & Keratoconus

What's unique about our town? Find out here

What's unique about our town? Find out here

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Getting to Penrith:
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Discover more of What's On in Penrith