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S., C. & T. Bagot Opticians

Bagot Opticians was founded in Penrith in 1982 by Stephen Bagot.  With two sons, Christopher and Timothy, qualifying as Optometrists, the business expanded in 2001 to Kendal and in 2006 to Grange-over-Sands.

The Windermere practice opened in 2014 and with Christopher’s wife, Roopa Bagot –  also a qualified Optometrist – working in Windermere, it really is a family business.

Free NHS eye problem service

If you’ve got sore eyes, red eyes or any sudden change in your vision, Bagot Opticians are NHS accredited to provide a free eye care service to all patients who are registered with a GP in the Morecambe Bay area – even if you don’t usually get a NHS sight test.

Early detection of eye health problems gives better results

Bagot Opticians have always invested in new technology.  14 years since purchasing our first camera to take photographs of the back of patients’ eyes, now the equipment goes well beyond that; each practice is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D scanners to produce 3D images of the back of the eyes. This gives incredible detail of the different parts of the retina allowing the Optician to see beneath the surface and detect changes earlier than ever before. This can allow earlier treatment and a better result.

Designer frames

Everyone at Bagot Opticians wants you to look good too.  A huge range of frames – more than seven hundred in each practice – means you’ll definitely find something for you.  There’s a choice of great brands including Ray Ban, Tom Ford and Ted Baker among others.

Contact Lenses for any prescription

If glasses aren’t your thing, Bagot Opticians supply a range of contact lenses to suit your prescription and it’s not a problem if you need varifocals or bifocals – special multifocal lenses allow clear vision at all distances for almost any prescription.

Clear vision without glasses or contact lenses

If you’ve ever longed for life without glasses or contact lenses, Bagot Opticians’ Kendal practice fits specialist contact lenses which gently change your prescription as you sleep.  Take them out when you get up in the morning and you’ll have clear vision all day.

What's unique about our town? Find out here

What's unique about our town? Find out here

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Getting to Penrith:
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